Oz: Come for the Hiking, Stay for the Hiking

Australia’s landscape is unbeatable. It’s so amazing that it gets exaggerated for us Americans and we think all there are here are giant spiders and drop bears, which I can assure you there are not. Drop Bears only live on the outskirts of the city. 😉

If you want to work up a sweat and see breathtaking scenery, this is the continent. I got to three large parks, each about an hour outside of Melbourne, thanks to my awesome Aussie friends.

Hanging Rock: Man. When it came to beauty, this park was a doosy.  Quite possibly the cutest couple in the world, my boos Big Mike and Ja brought me. Yes, I gave them negro nicknames, what of it?

It was given the name because of, you guessed it, a big ol’ suspended-animation rock. It’s sorta anticlimactic when you first see it, but when you put some thought into how the rock must have been formed, how it got to its current position and how it stays there, or just how majestic nature is in general, it becomes much more amazing.


You Yangs: The first big park I went to, and I automatically fell in love because it was so obvious that I was in Australia! I mean, forests have the same general stuff in them; trees, bushes, grass, rocks, etc, but it exhilarating; just glancing at the foliage let’s you know that darn it, you’re down under.

I’d climbed to the top of “Big Rock” (pretty original names, right?), enjoyed the breathtaking views, and laid down to sun myself  in such a beautiful and relaxing piece of natural landscape.


I was on the verge of falling asleep before I got a text saying they were heading back to the car. Turned out Big Mike took a L, and was scraped up and limping. In other words, he ruined my relaxation. How dare he. He was okay in the end, after Ja patched him up. I swear, endless cuteness!

Lysterfield Park: This place has a huge lake an that’s where the trails go, is around the lake; I just realized I have zero pictures of it. I’m not proud. At least I captured lots of pretty trees. I saw wild roos! They also saw me and I was ready to cut and run should any of ’em get rowdy…but luckily they weren’t giving me a thought.

Many thanks to my awesome friends for bringing me to these places! You gotta get you some Aussie friends.


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