I Saw Serena. SERENA


Guys, this was never something I never thought I could do. My Aussie friend explained to me that Australian Open tickets were priced to be accessible to regular people and I couldn’t believe it. The US doesn’t play that with big sports matches; if you’re not filthy rich or willing to sell your firstborn, you ain’t gettin’ in.


As a Black American woman it was an honor to see Serena Williams, the fashion icon, business woman, model and greatest female tennis player of all time in action. Let me tell you, she’s even more amazing in real life. I had to work really hard not to cry. She’s exquisite. I make it sound like I have a crush on her, don’t I? Listen, if she wasn’t engaged to lil’ buddy from Reddit… I wasn’t even trippin on how I looked, I just needed these shots!

Melbourne Park has extensive grounds with lots of tennis courts, simply because a large number of matches are to be played in singles, doubles, juniors and wheelies (wheelchair tennis, how cool is that?), both male and female for all. I had no idea how the tickets worked or how to buy them so here’s a quick breakdown:

Ground passes let you onto the property, essentially. You can go the smaller courts, from Hisense Arena (the third best court, to put it coarsely) on down, plus you can watch all the big stars as they practice. On the grounds you can go the restaurants, your kids can play in the bouncy castle and other fair-like games, and you can sit and watch the biggest matches on the big screen on beach chairs with your compatriots.  It’s great if you don’t have the money to go into the more “prestigious” arenas but want to be close to the action.

Margaret Court Arena tickets give you access to the matches played here, which is the “second best” tennis court in Melbourne park.

Rod Laver Arena tickets give you access to the “best” court, center court. With a seating capacity of ten thousand and an open roof, there are no bad seats in the house.

Day vs night sessions: In the beginning of the tournament there are are ton of matches to be played. You’ll see three matches during the day, two at night. If you’re in the sun on a hot day, you will get cooked. I got lucky.At night the lighting and small stadium gives you an intimate and cozy feel. It’s addictive, to say the least!


The problem is, it’s hard to know who’s going to play when. I got some fabulous advice from my lovely Aussie AirBnb host: she told me big stars play on Rod Laver and typically Aussie stars play at night. So when I bought my tickets, they were for Rod Laver. I went with my intuition as far as which sessions to buy. I picked the day session on day two and the night session on day three.  I WAS RIGHT!

I also got to see Rafa Nadal play, and I’ve been thirsting after him for years. Rafa’s mad sexy (I’m on full thirst bucket mode). I mean, come on. Dat *ss. Even the thinning hair and crazy sweatiness wouldn’t stop me. Hell, I’m sweaty too. We can be sweaty together.

I am so proud and elated. Got some goodies that I’m sending my mom (shh, don’t tell her), who’s an even bigger Serena fan than I am.


I got to see rising Spanish star Garbiñe Muguruza and British #1 Andy Murray play during the night session, which was also a joy. Both of them were eliminated now and Rafa lost to Federer in the final (Congrats Fed but that breaks my heart) but the final was Serena vs. Venus and Serena has her 23rd championship! I’m beyond satisfied.

The queen marches on.



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