Be a Man-ly Beach Walk

In Sydney, beach bumming is a way of life. Probably because they have so many! Manly and the surrounding beaches didn’t disappoint. Another walk put on by the hostel, but instead of an hours long hike, it was a ten-minute walk through a packed pedestrian shopping area, then the beach.

Part of the fun came simply from getting there. We took a Ferry from Circular Quay. It was a beautiful, peaceful ride. Oh yeah, you also get the most awesomest views of the opera house and harbor bridge!


The short walk was lovely, but a bunch of us had been itching for a hike so we invented our own. If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of in Oz, it’s big rocks to climb on.


If you started hiking in the morning, you could easily be on this trail all day. As hot as the Aussie sun gets, you could easily be passed out on the side of this trail all day, so for goodness’ sake hydrate yourself!


In general it’s a steep hike with some hidden places for great cliff shots and surf watching. On the ascent stairs cut into the stone to make the footing better, but make no mistake, there’s still plenty of sweating to be done.

The views were gorgeous. And by “views” I don’t mean me but gosh thanks for thinking it, you flatterer, you!

and here’s an actual beach!

Not Manly, but the one next to it! Close enough, right?

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