Coogee to Bondi Walk/Epic Fantasy Movie Journey

I don’t know if this should be called a walk, per se. I say epic journey because sometimes I felt like I was one of the fellows in the Fellowship of the Ring (Samwise, I would be Samwise). First of all, there were more stairs than the law allows. Then there were times we climbed up and hopped down off big boulders. I did an excellent job of playing the damsel in distress when it came to getting down from some of the higher rocks and such; there were some handsome gentlemen around who helped me out. Flirt game strong.

The hostel leads this walk every week and did a huge one as part of the Xmas/NYE holiday event program, which was super cool of them.

The site says “Bondi to Coogee Walk” so apparently we did it wrong. Isn’t it better to end with the grand finale, though? Bondi (pronounced BAHN-dye) is Sydney’s most well-known tourist beach, famous for its size, beauty, and waves. Some come to surf, some to swim, and some to see and be seen. Personally, I was looking for the Bondi Vet, known as Dr. Chris Pet Vet in the US . It’s probly a good thing I didn’t see him ’cause I woulda snatched him up real fast and tried to smuggle him out of Australia with me, and that’s not socially acceptable in some circles.

It’s six kilometers (about four miles for my ‘Muricans) featuring several separate beaches, shorelines, cliffs, gorgeous views of the water and the horizon. Don’t believe me? Have a look. If I was gonna spend eternity someplace, this would be it.

I ended up breaking off from the group with a tall, attractive Dane (Skol vikings?) and spending the rest of the day with him. On our way back he lost his camera and we went on a wild goose chase trying to find it. At one point I happened to glance at his phone and what did I see? Him kissing a girl. They way he was pursuing me you would have thought he was single but you know what they say about assuming. You make an Ass outta U and Ming. Ha ha ha! Did he think he was gonna get away with having us all hugged up on his camera when he has a gf at home?

God don’t like ugly.

Anywho, it was absolutely a highlight of the trip for the exercise, scenery and the company (the hostellers, obvs, but yes, I did still enjoy my [curtailed] time with Cheating Viking). It’s a gorgeous walk and well worth it. Do it.


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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    That seemed like a large crowd on the walk!


    1. Absolutely! There were lots of us in the hostel around Christmas, and lots of us were keen to go adventuring! It made for some fun times.

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      1. Mel & Suan says:

        We’re sure it was! Looks like a fun lot for sure with the pictures!

        Liked by 1 person

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