The Garden is the Key (Quay?) to the House

I vow to go to more botanical gardens.


  1. They’re frickin’ free
  2. They’re peaceful than a mug
  3. At least in Sydney, Australia, the views are mind-blowing.

I can understand why people clamor over themselves to be here for New Year’s Eve (not enough to get me to participate, though). I should have gotten more pics of the foliage itself, but I think I was too busy being in awe.





Definitely come here. Depending on how you want to approach it, you could do it backwards from the way I did; come off the train at Circular Quay station (lines T2 &T3), explore the harbor, wander around the opera house, then come relax in the gardens. Couldn’t be half bad!  Circular Quay (which is where it all goes down) is a massive harbor; giant cruise ships, big ferries heading to distant beaches, spectacular views, water taxis, eateries of all types, you name it, you’ll find it at Circular Quay. Also, “Quay” is pronounced like “key” in a move that I’ll never understand. Heeeeeeyyy, I just realized I made this post’s title even more clever! I’m a pimp.

I experienced some magic in Sydney the day I resolved to carry my behind down to the botanical garden. I have some pretty cool selfies to show for it, too!


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