For the Morbidly Curious: TOL Pt. IIII


The Torture Tower was pretty cool for those of you who are into pain and blood and suffering and that sort of thing. I’ll all about torture, but then again, I’m a weirdo.

Yeah I know, this pic is blurry as heck, my bad!

The favorite methods of Torture at the Tower were the rack, where people were stretched the the point their joints were dislocated and possibly even torn off, the manacles, where they would quite literally “leave you hanging” by your wrists, and the scavenger’s daughter, which sought to do the opposite of the rack; compressing you in a box like a nutcracker or contorting you into an “excruciating position”.


Unfortunately, there wasn’t much more to see in the Torture Tower than this. A pity.

I suppose I’ll talk about the battlements then! They were incredible. They are the high walls that protected the castle, where the soldiers used to stroll while on watch. They were the castle’s second defense from enemies (after the moat). One of my favorite things about walking the walls were the incredible views. They made for some amazing pictures.

This is part of the wall that didn’t survive

 Enjoy a bunch of pictures and stuff!

It’s interesting how people tend to look like Sims characters in my pano pics. Or like they were put through a paper shredder.


Sexy, right? This sums up my incredible experience at the Tower of London. It is absolutely a must see when you go to England’s capital city!




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