Who’s Feeding These Ravens? TOL Pt. III

First of all, the Crown Jewels. Simply breathtaking. They’re located in the Jewel House under armed guard; Luckily, I came on a nice quiet day. The line will curl all around the Tower Green on a busy day!


The Jewel House is basically museum that winds you up to the top floor where the jewels are, showing you videos and artifacts along the way. I went through pretty quick, but took my time once I got to the main attraction. Mindblowing. I couldn’t even believe how huge the stones were, how beautifully crafted everything was, or how much history was there in each piece. I could hardly fathom the value of each stone, let alone the historical value on top of it all!

There were two flat conveyor belts to keep the cattle (us) moving along so no one would clog up the space while ogling. Yes, it’s just like the moving walkways at the airport.

Security is there to move you along and make sure you don’t touch anything. The good news is, there’s a platform a few feet back where you can stand and have a longer look; you can also go back to the beginning of the conveyor and go past a couple more times if you’d like. I did so I could see both sides. Man, it was breathtaking! Unfortunately, they don’t allow YOU to take pictures, but they exist on Them Nets; ta daa!

These buildings served as both apartments and high-class jail cells for high-ranking members of English society. If I remember correctly, the Yeoman Warders live there now.

The stone tower right next door was most certainly a jail; you can tell by the “view” and the graffiti.

Last but most certainly not least, the reason for the title of this post.


Say what now? Biscuits soaked in blood? Who made the executive decision here? Did the ravens say that’s what they wanted, or did one of the Beefeaters just have a really morbid imagination? Apparently there’s a legend that says if the ravens ever leave, the tower will fall. According to the TOL documentary (which can be found on USA Netflix), one of those jokers escaped a few years ago and went for a promenade up and down the London streets like it was all gravy. Luckily a good London citizen returned her. Exactly how much power do these birds have?! Will they hatch a diabolical scheme if they don’t get their blood cookies on time?!

Remind me not to f*ck with ravens.

In the hopes that you don’t have any nightmares, have a picture of an adorable little Londoner feeding the birds! Might I add, she’s feeding pigeons the normal stuff you’d expect a bird to eat.

Ain’t she precious?!

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