The Tower Inside the Tower (TOL pt II)

The white tower is the oldest part of the TOL, used to intimidate and awe the people of London and any potential enemies. It is currently one of the many museums/attractions inside the tower of london. You could probably spend two hours in there alone. What I’ve forgotten in facts I can make up for in pictures! Whoo hoo! Note: From what I saw, the entire museum requires climbing stairs; good for your hamstrings, but unfortunately not so good for our differently-abled friends out there. The White Tower, like much of the Tower of London in general, is not very wheelchair friendly. 😦

I love, love, love horses, so I loved their armor and the cool wooden statues the armor was on, which, if I remember correctly, were made in the 1800’s!

Obviously I’ve never had to think about it, but it makes sense that a suit of armor would also cover, you know, “the boys”. I got a huge kick out of that one.

There was a small gallery of paintings of famous visitors to the tower in by gone times. This is the one that stuck out to me; Phyllis Weatley. *raises fist*


The Royal armory is a huge room full of swords, cannons,  and all sorts of weaponry. I love this picture of the canon because, well, sometimes I have the maturity level of a thirteen-year-old boy. He he.


Also, here’s a very old toilet. Sexy, isn’t it?

There were also many artifacts that had been procured from all over the world in past centuries, including Japanese body armor and a Native American war bonnet (which I also got excited about because yaay America!).

As you can see, I loved The White Tower; it’s a sumptuous feast for the eyes; not to be missed! Get there!


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