Shoving Off

The third of September 2015, at 7:30 PM, I was on my way to London by way of Reykjavic, Iceland (I’m a late blog bloomer, so sue me). I had never even heard of Icelandair, but they were the cheapest I found to suit my needs, so that’s who got me over there.

Turns out I had to check my bag, because it was over ten kilos. It was 13.5 when I left (about 30 pounds. Wow, that sounds bad when I put it in pounds) their carry-ons must be much smaller. I hated to be separated from my stuff lest someone lose it, and I had planned on carrying both bags on with me every time. No such luck. The good news was, they didn’t charge me to check it. Bless them for that. I thought dang, I could have brought way more stuff! But no, absolutely not! Had I known how much I would struggle transporting that thing, I would have made some changes.

I’ll tell you one doggone thing; as soon as I was on the plane, my mood started to change. I was much more relaxed and much less on edge. That was mainly a personal thing. Just knowing I was going to leave everything behind for a while took a huge weight off my shoulders. I had been dreaming about traveling the world for years, and now I was finally on the adventure of a lifetime! I also hoped to do some emotional healing while I was gone. Cause travel is, you know, cathartic and all that jazz. The very first picture was of the sunrise as we were approaching Reykjavik. I took it as a sign I had made the right decision, taking this trip.

Icelandair was more comfy than any US airline I’ve ever ridden on. They provided us with tiny little pillows on our seats, the napkins were comedians with their funny little messages, and they even handed you a cute little bottle of water as you stepped on the plane. What, a whole bottle of water, sealed and pretty just for lil ol’ me, instead of having to wait for the attendant to pour me half an ounce in a plastic cup that I spill on myself every time? Eureka! They even played a little music and had a northern lights-style display above the baggage cabins. It was all very Zen.

It says an awful lot about my general experience of flying that these things impress and excite me. *shrugs*

Connecting in Iceland was hilarious too, in part because I learned quickly that airports outside of the US require a lot more physical fitness. There’s a lot more stair climbing involved. Sometimes it’s frivolous and makes you wonder who the heck designed the airport in the first place. Also, we had to hop on a bus to take us to the actual terminal once the plane touched down. That has never happened to me in the US, and I’ve flown to my fair share of places domestically. Not gonna lie, I was not a fan. Let me off inside the building, dammit! Also, it was cold!

Iceland’s airport has a ways to go in terms of general functionality, and they’re currently remodeling it. If you pass through, pay close attention because sometimes the gates are down a hallway that looks like it should be under construction, or that it’s an emergency exit or staff only area. I almost missed my connecting flight because I thought, “there’s no way my gate could be down there.” Also, some airports will change gates on you last minute, which Iceland also did. I found myself running to the plane, and am not a fan of moving my legs fast. 

Imagine my surprise when I saw security riding around on scooters. Yes, scooters. Not even motorized ones, no. Like, the Razor kind you see advertised when you watch Nickelodeon that 10-year olds are riding on. I was in so much shock and trying so hard not to laugh out loud that I could neither get photo nor video evidence. You’ll just have to take my word for it. I wish you could have seen it, though. Like, I can’t take you serious as someone who enforces laws and safety if you ride up on me on a child’s toy.

The original plan was to video tape them and throw in a joke about them being “top flight security of the world, Craig” but I was too damn slow.

Overall I enjoyed Icelandair and flew with them again later in my travels. I was comfortable during the flight and alive when I got to my destination, which is my most important requirement. Top marks for that, Icelandair!


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