Finding a Flight

I used and Google Flights to determine what day would be the cheapest to fly on, and which destination would be best. Turns out it was London for me. London is one of the cheaper major European cities to fly to, even though they are more expensive in general because they utilize the pound. Also, I thought London would be a great place to start, seeing as how it probably had the most in common with an American city. Almost like the New York of Europe.

So, I booked myself a one-way flight to London. I didn’t know when I was coming back, or if I was coming back at all. I felt that I found a city that I loved, along with a good job, I would not return to the US. I had things planned out as far as four months ahead, which meant I knew what cities I was going to and I had flights and accommodation paid for. After that, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I also had very little money so I wasn’t sure what I could afford. But even though I was terrified, I decided that for once in my life I would live on the edge and let things happen the way the universe intended.

SkyScanner helps to find cheap international flights. I have found that it works better than most domestic flight search engines (Travelocity, etc) for plane tickets in other countries. Google Flights I absolutely love because instead of just showing you the flight options for the departure and arrival date you choose, it will show you an entire calendar that tells you what the prices are every day. This means you can look on the calendar and see, for example, that if you leave on Wednesday the fourth instead of Sunday the first, you can save $100. This function has saved me a lot of money!

Another fun perk is that Google Flights will show you a map based on your departure airport and give you suggestions for possible vacation destinations. When I thought I would be leaving Amsterdam early, I consulted the map and it told me that there were cheap last minute flights available to some of the smaller towns in Germany. It also showed costs for other cities, which were considerably more, but still helpful. It even will pull up suggestions for trains and buses if there are too few flights suggestions. These are great tools to have in your travel arsenal! Use those puppies!


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  1. I dunno if I can utilise those tools to such great effect here in Aus, but when I finally begin planning my trip to Scotland I’ll definitely keep these in mind 😀


    1. Ugh, if there’s one thing I’m learning it’s that resources vary so much depending on where you’re traveling from! Doesn’t it drive you flipping crazy?
      Will this be your first trip to Scotland? If so, I can give you some tips about Edinburgh! 🙂


      1. It will be my first trip to somewhere that actually counts as being overseas at all, haha. I’ve been to New Zealand but that’s only a three hour flight. It takes longer to get to the other side of mainland Australia than it does to get to NZ so it apparently doesn’t count.

        Any tips you’ve got would be great! Fore warned is fore armed and it’s always good to have your arsenal full before you begin 🙂


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