What Did You Bring With You?

So how much crap did I drag with me and how?

I packed everything into two bags. One was almost like a giant purse, which I kept slung over my shoulder and would tuck under my airplane seat. The other was a medium size carry-on (that I never could carry on and ended up costing me a lot of money along the way). Here’s a list of what I packed.

In the giant purse:



teddy bear (no way I was leaving Ted behind!)


cell phone

notebooks and notepads

In the larger purple bag:

one pair combat boots (I usually wore athletic shoes, so that made two pair total)

three pairs “unmentionables”

four pairs socks (one pair of hospital footies because I LOVE those)

two pairs jammy pants

three t shirts

three short sleeve tops

one long sleeve top

long sleeve workout shirt, sports bra, workout pants

3 pairs jeggings

1 pair yoga pants

two sleeveless tops (in case I ever wanted to get jazzy)

two hoodies

fall coat


tampons (and yes, you can see that I packed a LOT in the picture below. We can handle it. We’re all adults here. Sort of. Maybe. I hope)

over-the-shoulder purse

small backpack

cosmetics bag filled with things like makeup, medications, lotions and potions and soaps and such

Note: I packed my electronics and important papers in the giant purse-thingy for a reason! I made sure I was never separated from that bag! More about how important that was in future posts, so stay tuned!

Looking at the list, it sounds like a lot! But when you look at it, it’s really not that much. I packed what i thought was the bare minimum, and I brought my absolute favorite clothing and undergarments so I would be happier to wear everything over and over again!


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  1. I’m such an overpacker, I’m so impressed you managed to get all of that in that little bag!


    1. Oh my gosh, it was like a game of tetris every time I needed to pack it again! Eventually I got a system down, thank goodness.


  2. I wish I had your restraint with packing! I go away for a weekend and pack a sports bag, a backpack, a cloth shopping bag and a laptop case, haha. You’re a packing ninja 🙂


  3. Libby Sommer says:

    i think ‘travelling light’ is a real art. it takes a lot of personal discipline. well done. makes a bit difference to the whole travel experience if you don’t have too much ‘stuff’ to drag around.


    1. Hi Libby! You’re totally right. The irony was, even though I felt like I packed light, I could have packed lighter! There were so many things I never even used! I’ll know for next time, thank goodness.

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